How to choose which game idea to pursue

June 30, 2018

You have a lot of game ideas and it's often difficult to choose which one to pursue because that means leaving the others behind. How can you know what game idea is worth the time investment that is needed to create a high quality game? The mere fact that you want to make games means that there is some feeling of purpose that is driving you and it is finding out what this purpose is that will help you decide.



Like you, for the longest time I didn't know why I wanted to make games, I just knew I did. I've started tens of games only to leave them a couple of months into development and while these were learning experiences they also meant a loss of time and often money. It was only when I knew my own personal WHY that I was able to choose between available paths with certainty. 



I invite you to take a piece of paper and answer these three questions.


Why do you find gaming important?

What change would you like to see in the world?

How can games help to facilitate this change?


Knowing your personal WHY allows you to only invest in those ideas that truelly matter to you. You will have a much bigger chance of actually finishing the game since it will have a purpose that's bigger than the game in and of itself. This feeling of purpose motivates us much more than any abstract idea of a potential game.



If you'd like to talk about your personal WHY or find it difficult to answer the above questions, you can contact us through the form on this website. I'm happy to help you find the reason why you want to make games.



By way of example I'll tell you my personal WHY : filling the world with joy and playfulness.


I find games important because they can instantly relay joy to a person who's in need of it through the power of play. 

As people mature they often get thaught that joy and playfulness are useless distractions that don't matter in the real world. I strongly believe that this is plain wrong. Joyful people can thrive and cope with problems far better than those who focus on the negative while play is the strongest form of volantury learning that exists.

Games are perfect tools for creating joyful experiences and have play at their very core. I believe that people who frequently interact with games learn to see the world as a place with a potential for play as well and become more resilient than those who don't.


Knowing my personal WHY has thaught me that instead of creating A game, the best way to serve my goal is to create A LOT of games. That's why Simoose exists. It allows me to help other people create their games and by doing that I help to create a lot more joy than I would if I'd be making my own game.



If you take the time to find out what drives you I promise that you'll stop being uncertain about your choices and will become a confident person with only a handful of truelly meaningful game ideas to choose from. 

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